My name is Phil Taylor, and I’m an old(er) Englishman, who came to Australia in 1952 as a “ten-pound-passsenger”. I now live in Perth, Western Australia (God’s favourite holiday resort) with my wife.

I have two adult daughters, one adult son, and a total of seven eight grandchildren. We also have a cat called Latte (“King Latte”) and a dog called Pepper (“Sultan Pepper” – think about that one).

I enjoy computers, comedy, weird and wacky stuff, the English language, and brass band music. I also enjoy reminiscing about things that we once had and the way we once lived.

I'm an  ex-Telecom and ex-Bunnings Hardware employee. I’ve also held several other employment-related titles, including being the Heinz "Happy-ade Kid', an industrial-ceramics lab technician and a Bosch selective inspector.
Oh, and I was a security alarm system designer and installer for a while too.

This Blog

The "My Life With Cars" blog relates to some of my experiences with cars, from my first car, a 1952 Standard Vanguard that I bought when I was 18, through several upgrades and changes, until the present-day Hyundai Sonata.

The series of changes in my motoring lifestyle I think reflects that of many people – first, a used car, its type being predicated on the money available; then  maybe an upgrade or two to adjust to lifestyle; then an upgrade for family life when they marry; and then up-sizing and down-sizing as circumstances dictate.

It tells of some of the happier and some of the not-so-happy associations and incidents I had with these cars – some that could have caused my demise or the demise of others, others that helped me grow.

Go here to read about some of the dramatic changes in lifestyle that have occurred in the last several decades.

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