Moving on

Although the Fastback represented a milestone in our motoring life, we soon felt the need for something a bit larger that could carry extra passengers and luggage comfortably.

We opted for a new Holden Commodore 202, and found this suited our lifestyle very well. It had plenty of power (by our standards anyway) and lots of leg-room , as well as many other features we liked.

A few years later, when it was starting to show its age, we down-sized to a Mitsubishi Magna. This was a bit smaller, but still roomy enough for the one or two passengers we sometimes carried.
Eventually, my wife was provided with a large car by her employer, with fuel costs fully covered because she was “on call” 24 hours, and we down-sized further to a Hyundai Sonata, which we currently own.

I was, and still am, quite fond of this car. It has been designed to incorporate many modern car developments, things we had never had in our previous cars.

Some of these features I still don’t use; some I’m not even sure how to use or what they do (I must sit down and read the manual one day - IAEFRTM). Cruise control is one thing I never use, although I guess I may try it some day on a long trip. A feature that turns on my headlights automatically when I drive into the dim garage I like very much. CD players are standard in nearly all cars now, but we never had one and it’s nice to take our favourite music with us on trips, especially when we go out of range of radio transmitters.

So all-in-all, we’re comfortable for the moment with our Sonata, and will probably keep it for a while, maybe making one last change when we both become retired.

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