Later In Life

For some years I used the Sonata to travel to and from work each day, without anything more dramatic than a flat tyre and a traffic-infringement ticket to contend with.

Then one day we decided to buy a new set of tyres for the Sonata, and drove to a local tyre-dealership where they fitted them while we waited.

Shortly after driving away I heard a rattling that seemed to be coming from a front wheel. I stopped, and found a nut from the front wheel was off, rattling around inside the hubcap, and all the others were finger-tight only!

We returned and had them re-tightened and checked. The owner of the dealership was very apologetic but didn't offer any form of compensation. We never went back to that place again.

A few years ago, I had a gastro-attack at home during the night.
While driving home from work, next day I found I had "forgotten" to turn left at a traffic light. That would have been no problem except the light was red, and there was traffic approaching from my right.
I turned left, ending up on the grass median-strip separating the two directions of traffic, narrowly missing a heavy steel barrier.

A little un-nerved, I sat for a few minutes before exiting onto the road I was intending to travel on. I casually told my wife about this when I arrived home, and she was rather more concerned about it than I was.

The next day was Saturday so I didn't need to go to work - which was fortunate, because when I got up I found I was unable to walk straight or to speak clearly.

My wife, suspecting I may have had a stroke, took me to the Doctor who refered me to a specialist.

After several tests including a cat-scan he concluded that I had not had a stroke, but had an infection in the cerebellum, the rear of the brain, probably caused by the vomiting during the gastro attack.

It took about six months to recover and for a couple of years after that I was too nervous to drive at all, but after some encouragement I now drive regularly again.

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